welcome to Artur Restaurant Not just another meal, a tasting experience dedicated to you, who love & enjoy food. Your place to be c c Enjoy our From the sea to your plate, there is a little bit of the ocean in every bite.
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Flavors Enjoy All The Artur brand stands for the highest quality service and the best taste. Service with a smile is our number #1 standard. Of Life c c
Our Story

About us

Artur Restaurant only offers the best quality seafood in Albania. Our products are caught fresh from local fishermen and brought directly to your table to ensure that our customers leave satisfied and always wanting to come back. Our chefs and servers are highly trained and have been earning rave reviews for more than a decade. At Artur the customer's satisfaction is at the center of everything we do!


Our best specialties

A mouthwatering menu of sophisticated fish dishes and other recipes made with the freshest ingredients and complemented by a wonderful wine list: these are the magic ingredients of our luxury fish restaurant.

Our food philosophy

We make everything from scratch ourselves, taking care to use all the food and reduce waste as much as possible. It’s very important to us that we never take any shortcuts while cooking and we are careful to use only the best ingredients and put our heart and soul into every dish, qualities that we believe are reflected in the final result.

Artur Restorant

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