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New Location

Dhermi Beach

Artur Restaurant is proud to welcome you to our newest location in Dhermi Beach. We have been working tirelessly to bring the high quality service you have grown to love so much. Our Dhermi location offers a full holiday package, with hotel rooms, restaurant and beach bar creating an atmosphere where you can truly feel relaxed. Guests are welcomed into an intimate and sophisticated space, which reflects the character and aesthetics of Artur Dhermi, Far East undertones, inspired by the island paradise of Bali.
The catch of the day and the meat of local farmers are cooked with skill and simplicity, such as fish with soy and ginger, celery bottarga salad and buffalo mozzarella, the leg of lamb with glazed vegetables, the cream of smoked aubergines and much more. Also available to guests is a list of signature cocktails and special wines.


Our rooms

For the first time in our history, Artur is now also offering hotel options for our Dhermi location. Our brand represent quality and luxury at the most competitive prices, and our hotel rooms are worthy of the Artur brand. Unparalleled cleanliness, friendly staff and extremely beautiful views of the Dhermi coast. We are guilty of having room service that will make you never want to leave your room.

Beach Bar

Our cocktails

Recognized as one of Albania's best bars, Le Breeze dazzles with its collection of innovative cocktails, breathtaking views, legendary service and luxurious design. Located right next to the coastline it is the ideal spot for various occasions, from leisurely morning coffee to late night parties with friends. We offer an extensive list of innovative cocktail recipes for every occasion. The interior is artfully designed, with intricate wood paneling and earthy tones, and the helpful and knowledgeable staff will be sure to make you feel right at home in this warm and sophisticated venue.

Artur Restorant

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